Would you like to experience an attractive fishing trip?
Would you like to try fishing from a boat on the Danube river with a fishing guide?
We offer trips along the longest Slovakian river seeking fish and the beauties of Danubian scenery.
We specialize in spinning fishing of catfish, asp, zander, pike and perch. Our trips are suitable for those who seek to relax and centimeters and/or kilos are not their priority. We do play fair and that is the reason why we don´t lure with the promise of a plentiful catch. Our philosophy is that each piece of fish is the bonus of the trip. Of course, that our first interest is our each client and his good catch. However, it depends besides our effort also on luck. Fishing on the wild river Danube is simply that kind. It is full of excitement, uncertainty and expectation.
Expeditions are an all-day-trip throughout the year taking into account the individual protection of fish. The most suitable time of the year is from April to June and from September to January.
These expeditions are suitable for one person or no more than two people.
We offer the fishing on the Danube as a complex activity, that is as an experience on the water as well as ashore.
You will get to know remote distributary channels, places where only wild animals seek, you´ll come to know some interesting facts about the water, fish, animals, birds and people, living by the river and living with the river.
When the time for a break comes, we will serve you traditional Hungarian cuisines directly on the river.
After this quiet refreshment, there will be only the river, fishing-rod and you.
Well then, if you are ready for a trip to the wilderness with a little adventure, romance, information....with us, there will be another world waiting for you.
Price list: One day trip with a guide
1 person on a boat : 290 €
2 people on the boat : 190 € per person
Two and more days trip: 10% off
Price includes boat rental (5,5m trimaran, 100PS, sonar, electric motor), fuel,
fishing guide, interpreter, complete fishing equipment, food, beverages, memorial photo.
Additional costs: Fishing permit, Accommodation (by an agreement)
Transport : is individual and boarding takes place at Gabčikovo (district Dunajská Streda), as the case may be transport to/from the boarding place upon agreement.
If you have any questions, don´t hesitate and e-mail us:
Looking forward to seeing you!